Regret: The Silent Killer & How to Let It Go

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Regret: The Silent Killer & How to Let It Go

By: Megan Newman


Regret. We all feel it in one way or another. Actually, let me start off with a story of my personal growth. Over the years I have had many friends, family, and clients come to me and ask, “Megan, how do you live life without regret?” I preached it. I lived it. I was 100% convinced that I never regretted a single thing in my life. I would give my rehearsed story about how I believe everything happens for a reason and if it wasn’t for such & such situation I wouldn’t be here today. Which is 100% true. I believed it in my gut that I never have had any regrets. Which is also very true. Some place inside of me though, I was harboring the very thing I was teaching others how to release.

Have you heard the saying “Those that always talk about how they are ‘drama-free’ tend to be the ones starting the most drama?” Yep. Very true. You draw to you what you preach. After years of telling others how to handle deep regret, I discovered that that was the # 1 emotion that was toxic to my entire being.

Keep reading, it’s just getting good!

As you may know, I am packing up and moving my son & I cross country back to is birth state of North Carolina to reunite our family. I took a break because I felt as though I was getting sick and through God speak my  spiritual teacher (yep even a teacher has a teacher!) contacted me. He asked me what is the emotion that you need to work on the most and with a quick silent mediation I received “regret.” My initial thought was to reject this idea, it HAS to be some other “R” word. The words began to trickle through my brain, and I always came back to regret.

It took a couple of hours today, but I discovered that the regret I felt was towards others in my life and not regrets that I have made. After releasing through meditation I physically felt the shift and felt a release. I am going to give you 3 helpful tips to release that negativity you are holding within yourself on a cellular level, the very same thing that was holding me back (and I didn’t even know it!)

3 Key Secrets to Letting Go of Regret TODAY

1. Meditation – Meditation is CRITICAL to releasing negativity on a deep cellular level. Quiet your mind and connect yourself with earth. You can do this by sitting silent or going for a nature walk. State your intention to relieve the emotion you are feeling, and repeat that intention multiple times a day.

2. Responsibility – Releasing regret means you have to be honest with yourself. Why do you regret what you did? Or in my case why do you have regrets towards other people? Take responsibility for the why and who and the rest will follow.

3. The past is the past – After you take responsibility for your actions in the situation come to the agreement within yourself that you can not change the past. You cannot change the past. It is done and over. Accept that and move on from there.


4. The Butterfly Effect – Have you seen the movie? If not it’s GOOD, must say it is one of my favorites, however that’s not the point. Whatever situation you are looking back on with “regret” find what CURRENT event has stemmed from that.

An example of this is (and completely not related to regret.. boy would we have issues if it was!) I met my husband through a mutual friend. She called me on Skype, just for a typical conversation. Had I not answered that Skype Call I would have never known about the situation Trevor (my husband) was in, I never would have met him, I never would have married him, nor would we have a son. The tiny event of answering a phone call 100% changed the outcome.

The truth is that we all hold regret deep within unless we have made a point to release it. Somewhere in our lives we have been wronged and without an intended release, we still carry it with us. It is a silent killer. You could suffer from countless different diseases/syndromes and every single one is related to an imbalance of alkalinity and acidity in your body — which is related to emotions such as regret.

I want to know what you have discovered from this article, and I want to know how it has helped you. Can you do me a favor and share this with someone who could use a few pointers as well? It would mean the world to me to spread my message.

Thank you for being apart of my dream of changing lives forever. I started out small and my dream grew because of you, my friends, and no longer do I believe I can only change 100’s of lives. With your help I can change 1,000’s and even 1,000,000’s. How cool is that!

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With Love,

Megan Newman

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