Positive Thinking Made Easy For Stressed Out Relationships

Positive Thinking Made Easy for Stressed-Out Relationships

Positive Thinking Made Easy For Stressed Out Relationships

By: Megan Newman

The greatest foundation of human interaction is relationships. Relationships give you the opportunity to improve your communication skills every single day. There is nothing greater than knowing every single day you have multiple chances to improve the biggest asset to relationships is communication. However, you cannot gain clear communication without positive thinking.

Lack of positive thinking is an epidemic that has swept across our nation. Sadly, many are unsure of the antidote and will resort to hurtful tactics to try to keep relationships alive. I have had many desperate people come to me and say, “HELP! My relationship is trouble!” The very first thing I look at is how the two interact. Without realizing it many become manipulating, controlling, and possessive. This happens when the idea of love is stronger than the emotion of love.

The answer to the lack of positive thinking is this – create an open line of communication and get a stress-free relationship.

Positive Thinking Made Easy With Communication

1. Throw away the mindset of “throwing it away.” It is so incredibly important to apply a new mindset. Getting out of a relationship because of a few disagreements is the same as ripping up your entire garden because a few flowers won’t bloom. Focus on improving what you already have. Tending to your own garden will make it larger and bigger vs starting fresh every time something goes wrong.

2. Choose different words. When confronting someone whether it be your significant other, best friend, or co-worker use different words when talking about a disagreement. It is very difficult to listen to someone put the blame on you. Time and time again I hear “Well if you would have ______ then you would not have made me ____.” I also hear definitive answers and assumptions of feelings. Instead, use “I feel” statements.

Here is an example: I feel as though the way that you spoke to me was very demeaning. Using the phrasing “I feel” takes the responsibility off of the other person, and you take responsibility for how the action made you feel. This allows for communication to grow more open.y and effectively This is what has created an open line of communication in my personal relationships.

3. Never let it build up. I know the saying, “Never say never” But I’m being bold and saying it. Never let it build up. Talking about the conflict right then and there may not always be feasible, but never ignore the problem. It will only become more of an issue and will manifest some not so fun things like envy, hostility, and even worse hatred. 

It is possible to repair your relationship that is on the last thread before destruction. The way to do that? Positive Thinking. That is the key. 

In addition to keeping a positive mindset, it is also important to remember that positive dialogue is also a key component to keeping a stress-free relationship.

Focus on building your skills to promote all around better relationship skills. A strong relationship is the most important thing you will ever have.

Using the skills you already have and improving them is so important to salvage stressed out relationships.

What can YOU do to help create a positive relationship? Share and post below 🙂

With Love,


Megan Newman

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