Negative Thinking: How To Change The Mental Tape

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Negative Thinking: How To Change The Mental Tape

By: Megan Newman

We all have it. That little voice in the back of our head that is either cheering us on or rubbing our face into the dirt. The mental tape that runs through your head is a compilation of what your parents, teachers, mentors, siblings, friends, etc. have told you throughout the years. The tape is automatic and we often don’t realize that the negative circumstances we find ourselves in stem from the negative thoughts that we don’t even realize we are having!

This weeks training is going to very simple and to the point. I am doing so to provide more clarity and focus on these tips that very few ever share!

By following these precise steps you will have the vital keys to changing that mental dialogue that is going on.

1. Change the Audio. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Stop listening to the trash music and the soap operas. You are on a mission to change your life and if you are serious you will replace all audio with uplifting and inspiring audio!

2. Focus on a phrase. Create a very simple and straight to the point phrase. You can do this by taking a negative thought such as, “I will never be good enough or worthy of love.” and change it to ” I am enough and I am worthy of love.”

3. Write it Down. Get post it notes or index cards, a lot of them. Write a phrase that you are focusing on down on these cards (or post its.) Stick them wherever you will see them. The visor mirror in the car. The bathroom mirror. Background of your cell phone. The coffee pot. Anywhere you visit often, and when you see it repeat it 10x.

4.Fake it Till You Make it. The point of this phrase is to manifest what you’re intending into existence. Following steps 1-3 will set you up to be able to do step number 4 perfectly! Keep believing, repeating, and affirming what you want to show up, and watch it appear.

I believe in you, and I know that you have all of the power within to change those negative mental tapes you’ve been having rolling in your head for years. Would you do be a quick favor? Share this article with someone that you know who has had a hard time changing their mental tape. Changing lives starts with you!