How to Get What You Want Out of Life…NOW!

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How to Get What You Want Out of Life…NOW!

By: Megan Newman


Do you remember in the Wizard of Oz when Dorthy clicks her heels together and says, “There’s no place like home!” and POOF there she is back in Kansas? Wouldn’t life just be magical if we could repeat a phrase a few times and BAM it happens?  What if I told you, it is possible to make things happen with your words?

It is human nature to have all of your desires met on demand. The truth is that in order to get what you want out of life you have to put in the work. Now I know, what I say may hit a nerve with you, but I bet you will be more willing to take action! So I want you to take a moment to answer these following questions, to see just how badly you want change.

1. Do you find yourself bored on the couch instead of doing what needs to be done?

2. Are you proactive?

3. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to take control of your life?

Reflect on how you answered those three questions. If you answered No, Yes, Yes then you are ready to follow through this. If you answered “yes” to question number 1 then you are not. If you answered “yes” to question number 1 before going through these steps, I want you to take the time to find the reason why you are not willing to improve the situation you are currently in. Examine what is holding you back. (A key point to remember is that whatever is happening on the surface 9 times out of 10 goes deeper.)

For the rest of you we are going to talk about how to get what you want out of life…NOW! 

The results that you see are directly related to the consistency you show while following these steps.


1. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. We all have a mental tape that plays in our head. Do you tell yourself that you aren’t worth it? That’ you’re not strong enough? That you can’t accomplish this? Change every negative into a positive and work consistently on positive self talk. Make sure your mental dialogue and your words are in direct line with what you want.

2. Make a vision board. Whether you do it on the computer or you do it on a poster board, take pictures of exactly what you want and look at it daily and use your mental tape to back up what is on the vision board.

3. Imagine it. Visualize it. Imagine what you are wearing, what you feel like, what you see around you, how you are interacting with the environment around you. Feel like you are in a movie of your desired outcome, and do it constantly.

4. Believe. Believe. Believe. Once you set everything up (your mental tape, vision board, and you are imagining it) CONSTANTLY believe believe believe! You have to believe in it without a shadow of a doubt that you will receive what you are intending.

The truth is that if you want to see any sort of change in your life you have to be willing to take action and do the same thing over and over and over that is producing results. These 4 steps have repeatedly proven to work for me and many others. I want to hear about your experience with these steps! Leave a comment below to let me know how it works for you.

You truly are important to me and I would love to get to know you better. Connect with me on facebook by clicking here! Can’t WAIT to get to know you!

With Love,

Megan Newman

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