Life Changing Thoughts

Life Changing Thoughts

Life Changing Thoughts

Life Changing Thoughts: Changing your thinking will change your life

It isn’t uncommon in this day in age to research the internet on how to become a better person or  how to change your life. Typing into Google “How to change your life” brings up 1,580,000,000 results. It’s a hot topic and people are dying to know how they too can be happy and content with their choices. One simple fact rings true. Some people understand, and to others it is a foreign idea

You change your life drastically just by changing your thinking!

A lot of us know that, right? Right. A lot of us know how to DO that, right? WRONG. That is what we get hung up on. We just don’t know how to interrupt the patterns and disks that we’ve had playing in our mind for so many years. So, here’s the big question how do you change your thinking? I have created 5 simple steps to help you evaluate your thought process. I will list an example after the 5 steps.

  1. Recognize your thoughts. I mean dig in and understand the nitty, gritty, juicy reasons why you are thinking the way you are.
  2. Stop blaming other people for those thoughts. How easy is to toss the blame off onto your spouse, child, best friend, or even parent? Take responsibility for what you feel, after all you’re the only one who can control your thoughts and actions.
  3. Recollect the event that created that particular thought to begin with. Try to allow yourself to go back to where this thought originated from, don’t block your feelings! Blocking them will NOT interrupt the pattern of thinking!
  4. Ask yourself what can be done in the present to reverse this thought to a positive one. Don’t go back into the coulda, woulda, shoulda’s. What can you do NOW. This second to create a new thought pattern.
  5. Do it. It’s quite simple. Just do it.
Life Changing Thoughts
You and your significant other are planning for the future. You are talking about the decisions that you are making as a family or soon to be family. Your significant other makes the statement “Why would you do it that way? That makes the process so much more  difficult.” Here is what you heard, “Are you stupid? You have to make everything so much harder than it needs to me. You’re worthless.”  Now we will take the 5 previous steps and incorporate it into this example.
  1. Recognize your thoughts. The thought is that you are not good enough. You are not worthy. You are wrong for doing things one certain way. You complicate everything.
  2. Stop blaming other people for those thoughts. It is easy in this situation to blame your significant other for making a statement that challenges your worthiness and your efficiency in completing the task at hand. The truth is that your significant other asked a question wanting to know more information followed by their opinion.
  3. Recollect the event that created that particular thought to begin with. Taking a second to think back to see where the true feeling of inequality comes from you realize that the emotional damage from a controlling relationship from your past has never been resolved. In this previous relationship you were controlled and continuously told you were less than, and because that is what you continuously heard you are not able to understand (YET) on an emotional level that words have more than one meaning.
  4. Ask yourself what can be done in the present to reverse this thought to a positive one. Understanding where that thought and emotion really came from you are now in a position to change the thought pattern. In this exact situation you can make a commitment to be aware that words and statements have more than one meaning. Perception is what creates the emotional reaction. You will make a conscious effort to recognize that the reason you feel the way you do about statements is a result of previous experiences that have had a negative impact. Being aware will give you the power to change. 
  5. Do it. You have now done the work to understand the negative response and why, you also have the tools to change your thinking. Now you do it.

Stop making excuses. Start recognizing your thought patterns. Take responsibility that you are comfortable being miserable. Yep, you read that right. You are COMFORTABLE being MISERABLE. Doesn’t make much sense does it? Not at first, but check it out. your brain has been programmed to think a certain way and when you create a new habit the has to create new pathways for the information to travel on, so at first it doesn’t seem “normal.” So being happy can feel “not normal” at first.

I am sure that you have your wheels turning with a situation you can use to help change your way of thinking. Some of you don’t mind sharing because you know it will help others, and some do mind.

Write your situation in the comments box below and put your information in following each  step! Share this page with your friends and family and allow the 5 steps to help them too!