Are You Letting Others Live Rent Free?

Are you letting others live rent free?

Are You Letting Others Live Rent Free?

By: Megan Newman


Real Estate. The market is starting to come up. Homes will soon be able to be sold, rented, bought with much more ease than they have been in the past. However, what was the reason behind the real estate plunging in the first place? Economics. People didn’t have money for bills let alone for a new house!

Have you ever stopped to consider how valuable your own personal real estate is? You may be thinking what in the world are you talking about? Every single day you use your most valuable real estate. Your mind. Do you guard your mind and protect your mind like you would your real estate investments?

I really want you to take a second to think about it. You wouldn’t let others live rent free, would you? It is the same. Just as the economy took a huge plunge, when your boundaries do the same, to be very blunt, you let others use you as a doormat! Those that don’t have boundaries allow the negative people to take up more space in their mind than they allow for themselves.

Let’s put it into perspective. A tenant comes to you and says, “I really want this house but I cannot afford it. Can I live here for 3 months with no rent?”  I bet your response would be HECK NO! I have bills to pay too! Your mind is the same.

You are letting people use your knowledge and energy for no fee!  Let’s address 3 very important points to help you either tell them to respect your boundaries or to hit the road!


  1. Set clear boundaries. Boundaries are created for a reason. They are to give limitations to things that need to be restricted. Living life without boundaries is one of the fastest ways to destroy relationships.  Feelings get hurt. People get mad. When you finally say “THAT’S ENOUGH!” People will huff and puff, because it’s always been okay. Set clear boundaries as to what is okay and what is not okay when it comes to what you are and what you are not willing to do for others.
  2. Protect your knowledge. STOP giving away your most valuable asset. Use it to your advantage to create stability for you and your family. One of the most valuable assets I have as a person is the ability to heal others through words. God has created us all to thrive financially and giving away my knowledge 100% free with no financial benefit is not what he had in mind when he intended for me to do good for others, and in that Heavenly Kreations was born.
  3. Value your mind. Respect the armor that has been given to you as a gift from God. The knowledge you hold within that is most valuable is something that was given because you are meant to reach for more, and discover how you are meant to utilize that talent

Allowing others to live rent free in your mind is a lack of boundaries, protection, and value. In order to eliminate the negativity. Eliminate being a doormat, you have to be willing to take a look at why you are allowing it in the first place. Nobody else but you can discover the reasoning. Sometimes it is because of the negative tape that continuously plays in your head.

I know that you are a lot like me and at some point have found it very difficult to stop playing that negative tape. Take a second to grab my FREE short eBook that will teach you 3 fool proof steps to being happier and stopping the cycle of negative thinking for good.

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With Love,

Megan Newman


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