Let it Flow or Let It Go


Let It Flow or Let It Go!

By: Megan Newman

Life seems to get a bit chaotic doesn’t it? There you are going through a solid routine and BAM out of nowhere your daily life is flipped upside down. I bet I know what you’re saying, MAN how did she know what was going on in my brain?

Well my lovely, I have a secret for you. That whole my life has been flipped upside down feeling never really goes away. Ya just kinda get used to it!

The past 7-8 months have been just that for me. In August 2013 my husband returned from his second tour in Afghanistan. I went from what my normal was (living 1,000 miles away from our military home and caring for our then infant son making oodles of trips to see his family and living with mine – well my parents) to moving back to North Carolina, finding a home, making a home, and having to nourish a whole hell of a lot more than I did during the deployment!

You see, when hubby was deployed I nourished our marriage by care packages and Skype conversations. Once he came home I realized SHIT this isn’t going to work for me anymore! Not only was I CEO of home again I also had a toddler who clinged to me every step I took. I was balancing and relearning how to operate a marriage and togetherness, unpacking and making our house a home. Somewhere in the process of it I lost two things inner connection with myself and that led me to lose connection with what I love to do most, serve you. Over the months I thought, hey I’m ready now to start again! I’d set commitment dates for you guys and time and time again I’d fall through, and for that I’m sorry. In this time I realized that it was not my time to serve others and through out this period it has been a time where I have served myself.

In March of this year I signed up for a course RHH B-School taught and created by the AWESOME Marie Forleo. The course in itself is for business (which trust me you guys are going to be seeing a whole lot of AWESOMNESS unfolding here on this platform) but what I didn’t know is how unraveled I would become spiritually. It stripped me to my core and built me back up. I’ve encountered amazing friendships, lessons, mentors, and teachers.

With that being said,


As you see, even though my life was flipped upside down I went with it and you need to do the same. When you roll with the punches life seems so much smoother. It is so stinkin’ easy to resist change and it blocks our flow of energy.

In order for things to fall into place you must first allow, allow, allow!

Throughout the next few months you will see a lot of information that will help you do just that, but in order to know what’s going on it is absolutely vital that you stay in the loop! I’ve made it super duper easy for you! See that box just below this text? Yep enter your name and e-mail and you my dear friend will be among the first to know when the juicy goodness that I’m cooking up on my end is about to released. Not only will you get the must know information, you will also have access to free affirmation printable’a I made available for you to print out and hang on your walls, mirrors, etc!

What you resist will persist, set yourself up for success and


There is one more thing that you have to have to have to do in order to see results! Comment below and tell me 1 thing that you have not been allowing and 3 steps you plan on taking to let the energy flow, baby!


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