Leaning in to Fear and How to Do It

fear, lean in

What Does Leaning in to Fear Really Mean?

By: Megan Newman

We’ve all been there. Standing face to face with fear. Sometimes it’s a physical fear and other times it is self imposed. Regardless of the type, we’ve all had to make a decision to either ignore it or face it.

Most people that come to me having a hard time making a decision don’t even realize what they’re really asking me, is do I do choice A — which is the easy way or choice B — which forces me to lean in to my fear?

Why are we so afraid to do what makes us uncomfortable? Is it because society has taught us that feeling resistance means we are really off track? Is it that two days of feeling bad we’re slapped with the label of being depressed and quickly shoved an antidepressant? Fear is a part of our biological make up. It’s the fight or flight response and without it so many things would be thrown off kilter. We get used to dealing with it. Dealing with the anxiety and worry. It is labeled as bad, we know we are feeling discomfort, but we never do the one thing that will create ease. Lean in to it.

What does that even mean? Well, technically speaking it means to shift your weight towards something. Spelling bee time, an example of the word in a sentence. “Shirley, was leaning against the wall to take the pressure off of her knees.”

Now. Let’s dissect that.

The Problem: Shirley’s knees hurt.

The Solution: Leaning against a wall.

The Result: Less pressure on Shirley’s knees.

Okay so lets quickly get back to the point here. Leaning in reduces the pressure of the problem. It’s an embrace, it’s support, it’s allowing, it’s acknowledging a problem, and most of all doing something about it.

Fear is the problem. Leaning in is the solution. Less pressure and ease is the result. Feeling resistance to allowing fear is natural, but pushing through resistance is when the greatest things are birthed. Contrast creates clarity. Knowing what doesn’t feel good will always lead you to what does. How do you figure it out? Lean in.

I want to offer you a few quick steps to leaning in, to conquering a fear, to begin teaching yourself to lean in and allow the magic to take place.

  1. Identify what you’re fearing. What are you scared to do but you know you need to? That. Choose that.
  2. What are the options surrounding that fear? What is the easy way? What is the path you are resisting?
  3. Identify the steps that you need to take to push through the resistance.
  4. Lean In – Allow it to happen. Be open to all possibilities. Trust that everything has a process and that it all happens for a reason.
  5. Take action. Just do it! Take the leap of faith. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and just do it. Don’t think too much about it, just lean in and leap.

I want you to acknowledge that you’ve already done this. Think about when you’ve faced a fear. You know, that time you pushed right through every barrier that was holding you back and you had the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful result. Share it below. Declare it out loud for everyone to know that we ALL go through this, it’s just a matter of being vulnerable enough and not fearful of sharing it!

I sincerely look forward to reading these comments, come on now, step into your power!

With Love,