Being Clean Isn’t Always Better

Messy Life

Being Clean Isn’t Always Better

By: Megan Newman


Life gets messy.  Here’s the truth: things must get messy in order for anything to be birthed. I have spent the past 2 months really doing some soul searching when it comes to Heavenly Kreations, and in that period of time things got really messy. I was having this idea pull at me, and this business deal pull me this way, and this opportunity pull me another. One thing I learned is you can’t jump the gun. You have to go through the messy process in order to get to your desired results.

I was sitting in the kitchen this morning watching my son feed himself oatmeal for the first time. I have always somewhat refrained from these types of situations because of the complete and utter mess that I know is to come. I took a deep breath, and did what any mother would do, I handed him the spoon, held the bowl, and let him feed himself his snack.

You see, our household is run on pretty tight quarters when it comes to schedules, it makes the day go more effectively. However, there are times that things don’t go quiet as planned. If I always say no to the mess, he would never learn how to eat with a spoon.

When you live your life day in day out on a routine, and all of a sudden something messy comes up, your first instinct is to stop it. find a way around it, to prevent it all together. What if we were to change our mindsets from prevention to allowing? What if we INVITED the mess into our lives long enough to learn what we need to learn? There is an immense difference between living every single day in the mess and inviting it in to learn. If you haven’t yet read my article on negative thinking and how to change the mental tape.

After you learn to change your mental dialogue, allowing change to enter into your life becomes a whole heck of a lot easier. How do I know? I have done it. Living proof. My million dollar secret to finding success in the mess?

 Living in an abundant mindset won’t change what you go through when wading in the trenches of a messy decision, but you know that no matter what this will make you better and you will be even better off than when you started.

I watched a YouTube video the other day sent to me by Sinlou Ingraffia the founder of  True Psychic Network that really resonated with me, and also influenced this blog post. I would encourage you to take the 30 minutes or so to watch Have a Dream for Your Life by Joyce Meyer as it is it explains how to work through the mess when birthing a dream.

Have you learned how to maneuver the messy change yet? Negativity knocks on every ones door, you have to learn how to navigate your way through it. If this article helped you in any way at all please do me a favor and share it with 3 people you know that may need the same encouragement you did when you came here. I also encourage you to grab a copy of The Price You Pay for Negativity. It is a short 17 page free e-book that I created to give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the negativity out of your head and your life for good.

Just a little extra something-something. Here is my self-feeding-oatmeal-eating-son. Smile


With Love,

Megan Newman