5 Ways to Kick Negativity’s Butt

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5 Ways To Kick Negativity’s Butt

By Megan Newman

Negativity. We all deal with it in one way or another. How do you handle it when negativity comes knocking at your door?

No longer is it necessary to shrivel into a ball of depression when the weight of the world has you down. Welcome to the 21st century where you can find all the help you need right here on the internet! Gone are the days where we wallow in your own pity. Social Media has made the platform I have created for bettering lives possible. It is true people need connection and I am here to offer you the best connection that you have had in your life; a connection with yourself.

Connection is key. We thrive off of connection, but sometimes connection can lead really negative circumstances. I have compiled my top 5 ways to kick negativity’s butt

1- Just say no! You don’t have to put up with it, you choose to!

2- Make the choice to do better, say better, and think better. Rest your brain and say NO MORE!

3- Use a rubber band to snap yourself back into reality.

4- List 5 positive things going on in your life for every negative you stumble upon

5- Practice, practice practice!

Did you notice a common theme? Every point has to do with actions that you take. Not your brother, not your neighbor, not your best-friends boyfriends sisters cousin. YOU. Actions YOU take. Start every morning with the promise that you are going to kick butt.

The sad thing is that so many don’t have the tools to demolish negativity in their life. They aren’t aware of the resources that are out there to pull them out of the deep dark hole of depression. My friends, I have been there and I am PASSIONATE about helping you destroy negativity, kick anxiety in the face, and live a FREE life.

This is so important to me that I created a FREE eBook JUST FOR YOU and I give away tips that I could sell for hundreds of dollars, for free. I do it because I care about helping you find results. If you are interested in changing your life all I need is your name and e-mail so I can deliver this book right to your inbox.

With Love,

Megan Newman




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