4 Steps to Better Communication

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4 Steps to Better Communication

By: Megan Newman

Communication. What does the word mean to you? Most of us have a definition what it is. Do you think it is strictly a dialogue between two people? Or do you feel that communication is the lifeline to a healthy relationship? Regardless of the definition we have previously established it is critical that the importance of communication is emphasized in every area of our lives.

The very best experiences in our life happen because of good communication. Building communication skills isn’t¬†necessarily¬†as easy at it sounds. There are many factors that influence how we communicate with one another such as age and gender. A teenager is going to speak in a different language than a woman who is in her 60’s. Women communicate in a more non-verbal way and men tend to be straight forward and shoot straight to the hip.

One of the most important things when understanding how we communicate with each other is to understand that we all communicate in extremely different ways. You may have heard of the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman that put communication in marriage on the map.

Being able to communicate better in all areas of your life whether it is with your kids, co-workers, boss, partner, or friends. It all comes down to 4 easy to follow tips that will surely improve your life and reduce stress.

  1. Don’t just hear what the other person is saying. Be sure to listen. Hearing is the act of sound going into the ear. Listening is directing your attention to a sound.
  2. Repeat back what the other person said in your own words.
  3. Ask questions when you don’t understand what the other person means.
  4. Come to an agreement before the conversation ends.

In this day in age conversation skills have become somewhat superficial. Instead of a phone call or face-to-face conversation we rely on a text message, tweet, or facebook message. Social Media has changed conversation skills as we know it. While it is important to be current in how others communicate, it is also just as important to nourish the in person conversation skills.

How well you understand others is ultimately up to you and the choices you make. Follow these very percise steps to improve communication and conversation skills with those you love and care about.

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With Love,

Megan Newman

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