3 Reasons Why Being Busy Is Blocking Your Happiness

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3 Reasons Why Being Busy Is Blocking Your Happiness

And How to Fix It

By: Megan Newman

Does the word happy seem like the furthest thing from being accomplished? One step forward and two steps back. You reach a mini goal in self discovery only to realize that your next goal is going to dig up more crap than you seem to think you could deal with right now, because you’re just too busy!

As a matter of fact tonight while I was walking through Walmart those exact words came out of my mouth “I am just too busy to put myself in a state that will leave me very vulnerable and emotional.” “Busy” is another excuse, another form of denial and is another way to prolong the feeling of complete and total inner peace. Remember though, happiness and self fulfillment is a never ending journey. From the day you are born until the day you leave your physical body you have goals and lessons to fulfill.

Excuses are the easiest form of self sabotage. How often do you find yourself making an excuse not to exercise? What about making an excuse to not fulfill a prior commitment? What about an excuse to block yourself from being happy? 

I also will put money on the fact that you don’t wake up in the morning with the intentions of self sabotaging yourself into a crappy mindset! So, I came up with a list of 3 reasons why being busy is blocking your happiness. One thing I want you to keep in mind before reading forward, I value our relationship and because I value you as I do my circle of friends I talk to daily I am going to always be very open and honest with you. I would rather have you mad and irritated with me and facing the truth that will promote happiness than lie to you and leave you with a false sense of hope.

1. You are cluttering your life with “extra stuff.” Some people keep physical clutter and use that as a coping mechanism and others create circumstances or things that need to be done that fill time slots so there isn’t as much time in the day to feel sorry for yourself.

How to fix it: Take 1 week and write down everything you do during specific time slots. From 8-8:30 – Showering. 8:30-9 – Getting Ready, and so on. Track it from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. Remember it is for your eyes only so no need to be dishonest! After a week re-evaluate your “busy” schedule and see what can be replaced with activities that make you happy.

2. Being busy is another reason to internalize. How often do you catch yourself telling your spouse, partner, children, or co-workers “not right now I’m busy” when you in reality have nothing going on. This is programmed into our brain from external resources and is used to push away social interaction that will allow us to get deeper in our feelings, without actually doing anything about it.

How to fix it: Grab a rubber band and put it on your wrist, gals hair ties do the same thing. Anytime that you catch yourself having these thoughts and spewing them with no actual legit mate meaning behind them SNAP out of it! Create the physical sensation between the mental emotion and it is easier to condition it to change.

3. Cluttering our schedules reduces time. Having a “busy” schedule can mean one of two things either A) You are doing what I said above and filling time slots with meaningless activities to fulfill a need or B) You have poor time management skills.

How to fix it: If you act more efficiently and do more in a small amount of time you will have more time to do the things that make you happy. Follow through with the tip given in point # 1 and to elaborate on that make a list of things that make you happy. After a week is up look at your schedule and rewrite it filling in those “filler” activities that you didn’t realize you were even doing with the things that make you happy.

Remember doing things that make you happy will create more happiness. Life gets crazy and hectic with no fair warning and having happiness scheduled in will be a fool proof way to stay on track with what your ultimate goal is.

As always, you matter to me and because of that I want to know what your favorite ways to make sure that happiness stays apart of your daily life! It is my honor to serve you!

With Love,

Megan Newman

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